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Top 5 Elements for a Great Nutrition-based Website

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

1. It's All About YOU!

YOU are the business and only you can do what you do in the manner you do it. Don't be afraid to toot your own horn and explain what makes you awesome. Clients want to connect with real experts who often share the same story and struggles so open up about why you are passionate about nutrition, how you ended up here, and your philosophy and approach in helping others.

2. Images/visuals

Beautiful and relevant images can often say a thousand words and express the right emotional meaning to your target audience. Plus, many people "eat with their eyes" and the more visually-appealing your website is with images, helps to reinforce your services and brand. Take advantage of the various stock image websites including some free ones such as Unsplash and Pixabay.

3. Clarity

Site visitors should know very quickly from the moment they land on your website what your business is about, your specialities, and services and offerings. This also helps to validate that they are on the right site if they clicked a link for example from your social media platforms or if they arrived by an internet search.

4. Simple and Organized

A simple (not cluttered!) and well-organized website helps visitors to easily navigate around so they can become more familiar with you, what you offer and how to make a booking (which is the ultimate objective). Limit the number of pages and links and make sure your important info is displayed on the main page.

5. Start a Blog

Related to #1, sharing your own knowledge, opinions and expertise by writing regular short and concise articles helps to build your credibility, exposure and audience. Posts can be setup to automatically post to your social media accounts and email list to gain more exposure and help to market yourself and your business.




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