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Top 5 Keys for Effective Health, Wellness or Beauty Blog

1. Audience

Make sure you're sharing your wisdom and expertise to your target audience. This is your opportunity to help inform and educate which boosts your credibility. Don't be afraid to write helpful and informative articles on related to various aspects of your expertise and interests. This helps to build a loyal following and drive traffic to your website for them to learn more about you, your services and ultimately schedule an appointment.

2. Catchy Title

Make your title interesting and compelling (maybe even a little controversial!) to encourage more people to read the article, e.g. "Top 5 Secrets Uncovered for Healthy Skin! Like you, so many people are inundated with marketing emails trying to sell them something. The more you focus on addressing issues and problems of interest to your target, the more you're likely to build a following and, it starts with an interesting and catch title!

3. Formatting

No one enjoys reading a long blob of text. Break up the monotony by using paragraphs, bulleted or numbered lists, line dividers, a quote, and images. These help to emphasize your key points and increase the likelihood of them reading the whole article. This point is an easy one to follow yet most often overlooked.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A well-structured SEO can boost your blog being found on search engines. Use SEO tools, for example built into Wix and other platforms, to make sure your great content is easily found.

5. Call-To-Action

Let's say that you've crafted the perfect article on the benefits of Vitamin C to your overall skin health. Good job! Even many of your readers agree and have praised you with their supportive comments. So, now what? Adding a "call to action" button to each blog article be it a social share, a link to book a service or purchase a product, or get in touch can be an effective way to leverage your great blog article into a follow-up (e.g. info request, booking/appointment, email subscriber, etc.).




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