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Beautiful Font Combinations for Health, Wellness & Beauty Sites

You can tell visitors a lot about your health, wellness or beauty business and brand just by choosing the right fonts and styles. The chosen fonts should align well with your brand (i.e. are you trying to project an elegant, simple, modern, classic, natural, or calming look and feel?). When paired correctly, fonts and styles on your website can create a very positive first impression from the visitor of you and your business and help them to stay and browse a little more and ultimately do business with you.

Choose fonts which reflect your business and brand’s mood and purpose not only individually but in combination as well. For example, serif fonts are considered more traditional and serious and when combined with a modern sans serif font can result in a look and feel which is fresh, professional and elegant.


#1 Follow the "3 Font Max" Rule

You are going to need a font for your headings that looks great in bigger sizes and grabs the visitor’s attention and separates bodies of text. You're going to need a font for body text that is easy to read. Start by selecting these two and only add another if it’s absolutely necessary. The third font could be used for special text such as quotes, sayings, or other short pieces of text that you'd like to highlight.

#2 Complement, Don't Conflict

Your font pairings should be balanced to the eye and each must complement the other. Even if they look different or come from different font families, they must present a united visual to the eye of reader. An easy way to achieve this is to simply pair a serif and sans serif font - I typically like to use a serif font for headers such as "Playfair Display" and a non serif font for the body text such "Avenir".

#3 Size and Shape Does Matter!

Proper font pairing doesn’t stop as soon as you choose your fonts. In order to achieve the desired hierarchy and contrast within your website content you should pay attention to the different sizes and weights you will use for each font. Two well-combined fonts will not produce the desired result if they have the same intensity and are a similar size.

Real-life Client Examples of LeBlanc Web Design

Seeing is believing. Below are some examples of live client sites where you can see font pairings and styles which help to visually reinforce the look and feel of the site owner's business and brands.

Glowing Skin Begins Within is a client example of an elegant font style which uses only two fonts: Cormorant (header & body text) , Blackstone (accent). This pairing is easy on the eyes and expresses a professional and credible look and feel for the site owner who is balancing skin health and beauty nutrition education with programs and personalized services.

Header - Cormorant Garamond

Body - Cormorant Garamond

Accent - Blackstone

Luminous Divine Healing is another client example of using only two fonts but plays with sizing, both line and font. The font pairing and styles supports the healing, calming and spiritual objective and feel of the business.

Header - Cormorant Garamond

Body - Cormorant Garamond

Accent - Lato Light

Holistic Beauty is an example of an elegant and light font pairing and style which uses three fonts (Playfair Display, Avenir Light, Stylish Calligraphy). This pairing aligns very well with the site owner's business of energy healing, relaxing and calming facials and rituals to support overall skin health and wellness.

Header - Playfair Display

Body - Avenir Light

Accent - Stylish Calligraphy

Juvenis Beauty uses a sans-serif and serif font pairing (Futura Light, Playfair Display) . This font pairing and style projects a natural, youthful and simplistic look and feel which reinforces the site owner's business.

Header - Futura Light

Body - Futura Light

Accent - Playfair Display (italic)

Get in touch today to discuss what's possible for you whether to refresh your existing stale and tired health, wellness or beauty site or create a new one.



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